Friday, March 18, 2011

It's a crazy life...but it's OUR life

Mommy told us she was going to take a nap, so Tyse and I decided to update this bloggy thing. I think shes wore out from the lack of sleep lately. You see, my brother and I both have bilateral ear infection and the start of bronchitis AND mommy told me I have tonsilitis...whatever that is. Tyson hasn't been sleeping very well and mommy says that's naughty. We both take our medicine really good which makes mommy happy. She always seems especially happy when it's time again for our 1/2 tsp of phenergan with codeine. *whispering (I think she slips us some extra so we take longer naps, but I can't say forsure)
The past few days mommy has taken my brother and I for really long walks. We love to finally be able to get outside, and she loves it to! We even went to the park and also played with our friend Charlie. We can't wait to be able to play outside more often. I hear mommy tell daddy at the supper table that it helps with her sanity...but I don't know what that means.
When Tyse and I aren't standing on our toy story table looking out the window, our time is usually spent taking all the DVD's out of their cases, reading books, pushing our trucks around the house like a it's a derby race and eating fruit snacks. We also LOVE wrestling with our new dog ruby. She's so fun! Except yesterday when she pooped in the house, mommy called her a name that I'm not sure how to spell (not to mention would cause me to get a spankin if I tried).
When it's bed time, we love when daddy and mommy read to us. They tell us it's their favorite time of day. We know they both love us very very much. Then when it's time for us to go to bed, I hear them whisper to eachother something about... peace and quite? Again...not sure what that means.
Daddy has been busy working in the basement on my new bedroom...I just can't wait! We are going to have our own toy room, bathroom AND bedroom. We are getting bunk beds, but mommy says I can't sleep on the top until I get bigger. I really think mommy and daddy are most excited about having our toy room separate from the upstairs lving room/kitchen/their bedroom. All the walls are up and I hear it's time to paint, but mommy and daddy say we can't help:( but that's okay because what they don't know is that we will be be doing a little painting on the walls with our crayolas once they are all finished!
Well, it's getting to be that time of day where my brother and I watch diego and fight over books and toys.
It's been so fun playing on the computer, usually mommy says NO! Anyway, I better pick up the fruit loops on the floor before mommy sees them! BYE

Gage and Tyse


  1. Sounds like you two boys are quite busy! Glad to hear you have been taking care of your mom...and let her get her rest as you type away. Hayden wants to play so we need to set up a night we can get together. Make sure you mention that to your mom and dad! Have a great weekend!